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eBiz App is a suite of Digital Business Card & Business Applications, that is smart, elegant & affordable
The future of business is all about sustainable alternatives and improving efficiencies with the help of Digital Technology.

About Us

eBiz App started from an idea of empowering the entrepreneurs and businessmen to reduce the cost of operations while helping them to manage their business in a better and more professional way with the help of digital technology. In today’s world, everyone seems to have different web & mobile application on their smartphone which not only eat up the phone memory but also are not sync with each other, hence the idea became simple, to design an app platform that will bring multiple application under one roof which is required by a businessmen in their day to day activity while making their life easy, better managed and well organized at a nominal yearly subscription.

Our Starting Point

As every business starts with exchanging of “Business Card” we do decide the same BUT DO YOU KNOW?  THAT 2 MILLION TREES ARE CUT DOWN EVERY YEAR TO PRINT BUSINESS CARDS AND 88% OF THE BUSINESS CARD COLLECTED END UP IN DUST BIN. By switching to eBiz digital business cards, you’re not only keeping trees in the ground but also making convenient for your customers to contact, organize and share all your business information along with social links and website digitally. From here our team has grown to develop an entire application platform which is going live in a phased manner empowering the entrepreneurs, businessmen to reduce the cost of operations and ability to manage their business in a better and more professional way with the help of digital technology.

We are a proud team of passionate people involved in growing this product. We hope you enjoy every corner of the current and upcoming applications and looking forward to your extended support to our cause of making the life easy of every businessman while saving the cost and environment, we expect to hear feedback about your experience and suggestion here as we will be always looking forward to incorporating new ideas to make our products more and more user friendly. Thank you for using eBiz App

Contactless, Virtual Cards, Real Connections.

Handshakes and paper business cards are no longer acceptable in the world post COVID19.

Equip your organizations  with contact-free digital business cards which can be safely share with your prospects and clients when meeting in person, or over digital platform hence reducing health risk across your organization and business community

Going digital means you can track your card, share it in seconds and leave a lasting impression on the people you meet.

Don’t worry, your contacts don’t need to be on eBiz App to view and use your card.


One eBiz Digital Business Card, Endless Possibilities

Design your eBiz App digital business card and Micro Website in just 5 minutes – it’s easy, elegant and smart, which will be always in your pocket, never tears and never runs out, you can also update it easily with our user-friendly dashboard, so you won’t need to re-print a business card again.
Express yourself in ways never before possible; with eBiz digital business card showcase your work by uploading rich content such as photos, videos and custom links.
eBiz App digital business card works as a clever marketing tool, by sharing it you can drive traffic to your website, social media and key company links. Customize your eBiz Business Card company template by uploading images, video’s, about us info, services, images in gallery & brochure in your Micro Website provided along with your eBiz digital business card
The shortest route to your clients and friends is through their mobile phones. Utilize our easy sharing options and take your brand viral.

Let's Save Trees & Grow Wealth.

The company values don’t mean anything until they are lived values. If your company values sustainability and believes in building a better world for future generations, paper business cards don’t make sense when 2 million trees are cut down every year to print business cards. and 88% of the printed card end up in dust bin within a month. By switching to eBiz digital business cards, you’re not only keeping trees in the ground but also saving money on printing paper business cards, which have to be printed regularly

Why cut down trees, when there is a digital alternative !!!

eBiz App An Application Suite

eBiz App started from an idea of empowering the entrepreneurs, businessmen to reduce the cost of operations while able to manage their business in a better and more professional ways with the help of digital technology hence eBiz App is not just about the digital business card but we are committed to build and introduce new application which will be useful for a businessmen in his day to day life and help him to reduce the cost of operations while empowering him to manage his business activities on the go with the help of digital technologies, hence we are always open for suggestions and new ideas if you have one please feel free to get in touch with us

If you think that have an idea or suggestion which will benefit other businessmen’s please click here and let us know, we are always open for new idea’s, suggestions and improvisation.



Visit our website, Create Your eBiz App Account it just takes 2 min.


Add Contact Information, Photo, Logo, Product Details, Choose eBiz Business Card Theme.


Make Payment & Share your digital business card through sms, email, whatsapp & social media etc.

Some Benefits Of "eBiz Digital Business Card"

Click to Call, WhatsApp or Email

Your customers will reach you by just tapping on mobile number field or can Whatsapp you without even saving your number or just click once to send you the email.

Click to Navigate

Add your store/office address in your business card information or google maps and people can navigate to your address with the help of Google Maps.

Secure 100% Leads

 Stand out with your digital business cards and get more leads for your business. Convey a modern and innovative message to your clients.

Save Time, Money & Environment

Reduce your carbon Footprint and Go digital! Replace your business cards with eBiz Digital Business Cards and Save Time, Money and Environment.

Add Multiple Phone, Emails, Web URLs

Add multiple phone numbers, email ids, along with social media page links and website URLs to your digital business card.

Upload Video

Upload or record engaging video content such as demo videos, explainer videos, real estate videos, promo videos and more.

Custom Branding

Create elegant digital business cards that truly reflect your brand by incorporating your company images, social links, web URLs, contact details and message.

Multiple Digital Business Card in 1 Account

Create multiple digital business cards of your organization team members under 1 account and save 50% on the cost. 

Checkout all eBiz Digital Business Card Features